Who owns Klingon? Lawsuit draws battle over invented languages into court

The invented tongue of Klingon belongs to no man, corporation or star fleet, a society of language creators has told a federal judge as he weighs a copyright lawsuit against a fan-funded Star Trek film.

Last month Paramount and CBS filed a long list of complaints in federal court as part of its lawsuit against Axanar Productions, the creators of an unauthorized, crowdfunded Star Trek film, titled Axanar. The document includes dozens of complaints – gold shirts, Captain Kirk, triangular medals – but California judge R Gary Klausner was sent a petition from the Language Creation Society relating to one point in particular: the Klingon language.

Paramount’s attorney, David Grossman, quickly argued that it was “absurd” to say that Klingon, invented in 1984 for a film, exists as an independent language.

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