Nova Languages provides expert translation services in over 80 languages and is a corporate member in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA).

The success of our translation services is due to teamwork, a collaborative effort across the various stages of a project’s life cycle working towards the same goal: an accurate translation of your source material.


Our services

Nova Languages offers a full range of language services to meet all of your
multilingual communication needs. Learn more about our services.

Our Translators

Naturally, our translators form the core of our translating services. Each one is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in the field and a comprehensive educational background in their language pair.

As our translators are the backbone of our operations, we choose them with great care, verifying their language skills and areas of specialization. By doing so, we can align the best-suited translator for your project in accordance with their particular expertise.

Project Management

Like a code built into its system, each translation project has its own specific requirements. The project manager understands this and carries out an informed evaluation of your project at the very start, creating the framework, guidelines and protocols that inform the translation process.

Unifying all the elements, our project managers solidify the objectives of your project, research and implement the correct solutions, all the while streamlining the process to achieve a perfect final product.

Quality Assurance

A very important component of any translation is quality assurance. In the QA phase, our team thoroughly reviews the finished translation in order to verify accuracy, consistency and clarity.

Part qualitative, part quantitative, the QA segment is integral to the success of any translation project. Incorporating cycles of proofreading and cross-platform editing, we meticulously ensure that each word, number and detail is accurate.

Certified Translations

Nova Languages provides fast, affordable, CERTIFIED translations in over 80 languages. Our translations
are accepted by government offices (such as USCIS) and educational institutions.