This Smart Glove Translates Sign Language to Text and Speech

Hadeel Ayoub, a Saudi designer and media artist, wants to bridge the communication gap between people with and without hearing disabilities. After a year of tinkering, she’s come up with a “smart glove” that converts sign language into text and speech.

“I have an autistic niece who is four and who doesn’t speak. When I saw her communicating with sign language, I wondered what would happen if she tried to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language,” Ayoub told me over the phone. “Does that mean she wouldn’t be able to get through to them?”

Ayoub told me that her motto is always “to design for a cause,” and to produce products that will help a wider community. With the “smart glove,” her aim is to “facilitate communication” between people, and break down language barriers in the process.

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