These Students Created Software That Could Help Millions Of Deaf People In Brazil

SÃO PAULO — Approximately 5 percent of Brazilians have some kind of hearing impairment. Despite the widespread implementation of Brazilian Sign Language, also called Libras, in 2005, people with hearing impairments often need the help of translators to read texts, textbooks, websites and other reading material in standard Portuguese, which uses a different grammatical structure.

Hoping to improve the daily lives of people with hearing loss, three computer engineering students at Faculdade Independente do Nordeste (Northeast Independent School) in the Brazilian state of Bahia have created Librol, a software program that translates text from Portuguese to Libras.

Raira Carvalho, 19, André Ivo, 19, and Jennifer Brito, 21, believe that Librol will grant greater autonomy to Brazilians with hearing impairments. It offers a way to read and study without the presence of a human translator.

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