The Greek Language is Not Dying; It’s Merely Changing

Is the Greek language, one of the most ancient and rich languages in the history of mankind, dying due to an avalanche of foreign words being introduced to the everyday vocabulary of native speakers?

Words such as “rapid tests”, “click-away shopping”, and “lockdown” are now widely used in Greece.

Some experts fear that the contamination of the Greek language with foreign words -mainly English – constitutes a mortal danger for the language which has been using the same alphabet for 28 centuries and held on to the same spelling rules for 24 centuries.

Prominent Greek Linguistics professor and former Education Minister Georgios Babiniotis is clearly concerned.

He is one of the leading advocates of action against what is perceived as a new threat to this great language.

Speaking with the British newspaper Observer in early February 2021, Babiniotis said that “We have been deluged by new terms and definitions in a very short space of time.

“Far too many of them are entering spoken and written Greek. On the television you hear phrases such as ‘rapid tests are being conducted via drive-through’, and almost all the words are English.

“It’s as if suddenly I’m hearing Creole,” he said.

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