The Evolution Of Language: Study Of Rare Indigenous Language Shows All Humans Think Of Colors In The Same Way

Our ability to use complex language sets humans apart from every other creature on Earth, but we’re still not sure of exactly how we developed this great skill. Although there are thousands of human languages, a recent study on just one of these languages spoken by less than 1,000 people has given researchers important insight into the evolution of human language, specifically when it comes to our ability to name colors.

The Hadza are a nomadic group of hunter-gatherers who live in northern Tanzania. To date, their culture remains largely untouched by the outside world and their language is unlike any other. Although the Hadza language is rich, it lacks many words used to describe color. Since scientists already understand quite a bit on how the human brain perceives color and know that all people see color the same way, studying the Hadza color vocabulary gave great insight into how language evolved.

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