Scholar discovers new meaning in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

The Pyramid Texts are hieroglyphics that were found in Egypt in 1881, carved on the wall of the pyramids at Saqqara. Dating back approximately 4000 years, they are considered the world’s earliest sacred texts.

Previous translators interpreted them as primitive spells, incantations and chants, used primarily to protect the pharaoh’s remains and to help him transition to the afterlife.

In her latest book, The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts, Susan Brind Morrow presents a radically different interpretation. Brind Morrow believes them to be a coherent work of poetry, a religious and philosophical text that is deeply rooted in nature. She says the Pyramid Texts reveal much about how the ancient Egyptians viewed life and death, and have influenced many subsequent spiritual traditions.

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