Online resource gives new life to endangered languages

Developed through the EU-funded INNET project, the free and openly accessible website on endangered languages builds on the important work of previous cultural heritage initiatives and features search tools, educational material and interactive maps. Teaching institutions as well as researchers will find the resource practical and easy to use.

‘The project was implemented as an answer to the question of how digital – and specifically non-written multimedia cultural heritage resources – could be effectively maintained and preserved for the future,’ explains project coordinator Dr Dagmar Jung from the University of Cologne, Germany. ‘This challenge has to date not been tackled by the wider scientific and academic community.’

At the same time, the project team wanted to make these valuable resources accessible to the wider public. ‘This meant that the educational component of the project took on a bigger role than we initially expected,’ says Jung. ‘In addition to improving networking on digital resource innovation relating to language and culture, the project aimed to boost education on linguistic diversity and multilingualism at the high school level.’

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