One Man’s Mission to Keep Aztecs’ Ancient Language Alive

There’s no dearth of culture and language in Southern California. The Census Bureau rates the 40 most common languages spoken by Americans — and 39 of them are spoken in L.A.

At a church in Santa Ana, you’ll hear sounds that have resonated for thousands of years. Each Saturday morning, people gather to speak and learn the ancient language of the Aztecs: Nahuatl.

Five centuries after the Aztec culture was crushed by Spanish conquistadors, the language survives, still spoken by an estimated 1.5 million people, mostly in central Mexico.

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One thought on “One Man’s Mission to Keep Aztecs’ Ancient Language Alive

  1. Cortes or correz did not act alone .he tricked the other trubes in mejica so asbto gang up on tge group ALONE could act with success against the Aztecs. He employed a devious tactic like houston did in Texas in 1800s

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