OED looks for words used worldwide to reflect global nature of English

English has been spoken across the world for hundreds of years.

And now the Oxford English Dictionary has launched a campaign to make sure its contents reflects the language’s global nature.

The dictionary is looking to expand its entries by including more words from Anglophone countries outside the UK.

Eleanor Maier, associate editor of the OED, said it had “always been a global dictionary” but its expertise was slanted towards Britain and America because it was based in the two countries.

“A lot of the English we’re exposed to tends to be from the UK or America and when it comes to regional words – British words or American words – we also have our own knowledge, being from that area.

“It’s just brilliant to increase our coverage and cover English all around the world because English isn’t just spoken in the UK and America, it’s spoken everywhere, and as a dictionary we need to cover the types of English that people are speaking.

“It’s just a really good opportunity to increase our knowledge.

“We need to reflect the English that’s spoken and written – it’s spoken in South Africa, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Hong Kong – so we need to reflect those varieties.”

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