Meet the Author Who Translates Classic Literature Into Emoji

With emojis going mainstream, London artist and publisher Joe Hale wants everyone to be fluent.

The Oxford Dictionaries this week named the emoji depicting a “face with tears of joy” as the Word of the Year. The emoticon is Mr. Hale’s medium, first displayed in his “Wonderland” poster, in which he translated Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” into roughly 26,000 symbols.

But Mr. Hale, who studied literature and philosophy as an undergraduate, has developed a new type of emoji writing with his latest endeavor, the ABC Emoji Co.

The idea sprang from the “Wonderland” project, said Mr. Hale, who works as an app developer and turns to emojis in his spare time. “Everybody would ask me about the posters: ‘Can I read emoji?’ And I would have to tell them, ‘Well, no, not exactly.’ Because to make emoji a language, I’d have to use all these complicated writing techniques. Those conversations led me to think how can I make a text which is just emojis, which you can read. The idea which I came up with was ABC Emoji Co. Take a story and in translating it into emoji, you replace every letter with an emoji instead.”

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