This Language Will Dominate the World in 2050; No, It’s Not Mandarin

For the past decade, the United States has long been threatened by the massiveness of China. It has also reported before that China could take over the U.S. as being the main super power in the world, in terms of economics and finance. With the big shift of investments in China, Mandarin has become one of the top learned languages in the world. It is one of the top 6 languages in the world including English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and French. Even Mark Zuckerberg is fluent in Mandarin.

But the language everyone thinks would reshape the next decades of the human race is not Mandarin Chinese, according to a study made by Natixis, an investment bank.

The research shows the French language is gaining more speakers rapidly. With the growth of French speakers all over the world, it is expected to be spoken by about 750 million people by 2050, increasing from the 220 million readers nowadays.

According to France Diplomatie, they foresee the growth of French speakers by 2025. Because of France’s birth rate, there will be more people who will have French as their mother tongue, dominating German in Europe.

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