is the internet hurting proper english? lol, no

A friend who teaches middle school English starts the school year with a lesson on how to e-mail properly. You’d think kids born in the same year as Facebook would know this stuff, but my friend says they overlook certain technicalities. They don’t start with a greeting, for instance. They sprinkle their writing with emoticons and textspeak. And she has to coach them specifically on the use of the “enter” key: They don’t put line breaks in their e-mails, because they don’t do it in texts or tweets.

Hearing lesson plans like this one, you might assume the Internet is wrecking English As It Once Was. (In fact, there’s a ton of moral panic over the issue: just try Googling the phrase “death of English.”) But as my friend would gladly tell you, her students have learned very quickly that there’s a time for emoji, and there’s a time for line breaks.

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