Irish language group wins row with Facebook over Irish names

Social media giant Facebook has bowed to pressure from Irish language rights group Misneach whose members were furious to learn that they would not be allowed to display their names as Gaeilge on the site.

The group had planned to stage a large protest outside Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin yesterday, but plans were called to a halt when Facebook bosses caved.

Misneach has now been assured that Irish language names will be given the green light and that users will not be automatically logged out of Facebook for having Irish names, as had been the case before.

“Two months ago it became apparent that Facebook had been deleting the accounts of users who had their names in the Irish language and requesting that they show proof of identity to confirm their real name,” a Misneach spokesperson said.

“That is, their name which they use in the real world and could provide documentation for.”

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