Indigenous broadcasters from around world meet for talks

Tanya Orman is the channel manager for Australia’s National Indigenous Television, or NITV.

And she is chairwoman of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network, or WITBN.

“And when we first established as a collective, we started to exchange content, and then that started to go into exchanging news and, now, having international co-productions. I’m really excited about the possibilities. And what this conference next week is going to bring about is, I guess, the next phase of our network, of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Netwo rk. We’ve had an interesting journey to date, but this next phase, which will be hosted by NITV in Sydney, is, I guess, evolving from the foundation that has been laid over the last few years and really thinking about the next stage of this network.”

Na’alehu Anthony is from the ‘Oiwi Television Network in Hawaii.

Mr Anthony says the network is an opportunity to learn from other Indigenous cultures.

“The showing of the continued commitment to Indigenous cultures’ broadcasting efforts across the planet … so this has built out, what, just eight years ago, and what we have is this connection point to each other to not only share content but also share perspectives and technologies that allow us to hopefully move forward at the rate that technology and the media landscape is moving as well.”

Paora Maxwell is chief executive of Maori Television in New Zealand.

He says language preservation will be high on the agenda at the conference.

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