I am neither Mr, Mrs nor Ms but Mx

For the better part of two minutes, I stared down at the form in front of me. I was attending a formal dinner later that week and the RSVP required I choose whether I was “Mr, Mrs or Ms”. I looked at the question and froze, unsure of what to do.

For many people, this choice would’ve caused no anxiety whatsoever. For many people, choosing a title is a simple matter. But for me, picking a title has always been an endeavor fraught with anxiety, confusion and frustration. That’s because I don’t identify as a man or as a woman, I identify as genderqueer.

There are many challenges that arise when you live your life outside of the gender binary like I do. I never know which bathroom to use, I don’t know which section of the store to shop in, and I’m frequently harassed on the street by people who don’t understand my gender identity. Above all of those concerns, the bigger issue that people like me face is that our identities are so rarely taken seriously.

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