How to put some Romansh into your life

If you’re anything like me, you will have triple-ringed the new year as the time to finally start learning that new language. You’ll have acquired a dictionary, a phrasebook and some Post-its, and you may have added 500 Essential Verbs in … to your Christmas list for good measure.

However, unless you want to learn one of the more “popular” languages such as Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and – increasingly – Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, Greek or Polish, you’ll be hard pressed to find an equally varied and adequate set of learning aids that relate to your language of choice. Under-resourced languages such as minority languages (spoken by a minority of the population of a territory, such as Romansh in Switzerland, Moldovan in Ukraine and Galician in Spain), endangered languages (like Ainu, a Japanese dialect considered one of the world’s rarest and most threatened) and languages that simply fail to generate enough interest to merit adequate learning tools, may initially seem like a huge task to take on.

This should not be a reason to give up on your goal, though. From thinking critically about your reasons for learning, to scouting out websites that suit your preferred learning style, here are some ideas than might help you along the way.

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