Foot greetings and face condoms: Germans coin 1,200 new words about the pandemic

People in Germany have coined more than 1,200 new words about COVID-19 since the pandemic began. 

There’s coronamüde, which literally translates to “corona-tired,” to describe pandemic fatigue. If that doesn’t quite cut it, you could go with the more dramatic coronaangst. Either feeling is likely to set in when you’re overzoomed from too many video conferencing calls.

“I think we are now in a very extraordinary situation and we have many different new things in our world. And I think when new, very relevant things happen in our world, these new things are looking for a name,” Christine Möhrs, a lexographer who has been tracking the new terminology, told As It Happens guest host Peter Armstrong.

“If we can talk about things and have names for them, then we can, I think, communicate with each other, and it’s possible for people to have an exchange about the current events and the current crisis. And I think this is a very important human mechanism.”

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