Finland expresses its unique Nordic culture in emojis — and two get Unicode-approved!

Finland recently published its own set of cultural emojis, 49 in all. They were originally part of a Christmas calendar published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on ThisisFinland, a Finnish website.

The emojis are all very special to Finns and celebrate their Nordic way of life.

For example, if you’ve ever visited Finland, you’d know that Nokia phones and reindeer are everywhere, and that Finns love their sauna. Sure enough, there’s now a text-message ready emoticon for each one of those experiences.

Here’s a partial list: headbanger, Finnish love, karjalanpiirakka (a traditional pastry), peacemaker, bear, perkele (a swear word), forest, Christmas party, unbreakable, torilla tavataan (“See you at the market square”), lost hopes, stuck, Iceman Kimi, the handshake, reindeer, girl power, happiness, the original Santa, the flag, sauna, cup of coffee and woolly socks.

“I mean, Finland is the first country even to suggest emojis that have some sort of a cultural connection,” says Petra Theman director of public diplomacy for Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She’s trying to get her country’s emojis onto smartphones everywhere.

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