Ho-Chunk Tribe looks to revitalize language

December 7th, 2015 by WINNEBAGO, Neb. | There are few things that define a Native American tribe more than its language. That importance of language is one of the driving forces behind the Ho-Chunk Tribe — also known as the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska — seeking to revitalize its language and see it spoken by more people, part of what is called the Ho-Chunk Renaissance. "Within a lot of Native American cultures, language and culture go together," Lewis St. Cyr, language program director for the Ho-Chunk, said. "You can't have culture without language and you can't have language without culture. The importance of it is of who we are." The language project currently is being taught in various schools with ties to the tribe, including the Winnebago Public Schools, the Educare preschool, St. Augustine Indian Mission and Little Priest Tribal College. Read more: Sioux City Journal‎