Bloomington center of nonprofit’s efforts to preserve Native American languages

Their beneficiaries are hundreds of miles from Bloomington, but the Language Conservancy still put on a fundraising gala at Deer Park Manor for the preservation of indigenous languages Thursday evening.

Yuliya Manyakina, an event manager with the nonprofit, rushed between rooms Thursday as she made sure all finishing touches were in order — food laid out, artwork, shawls and books set for a silent auction.

“We are expecting at least 50 people so far,” Manyakina said. “We’ve had kind of a low profile in Bloomington, but we’ve been here for at least a decade.”

Manyakina said the Language Conservancy serves communities in Montana and North and South Dakatoa and helps Native American tribes maintain their endangered languages by creating websites, workbooks and dictionaries for school-aged children.

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