AI Used to Fill in Missing Words in Ancient Writings

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help fill in missing words in ancient writings.

The system is designed to help historians restore the writings and identify when and where they were written.

Many ancient populations used writings, also known as inscriptions, to document different parts of their lives. The inscriptions have been found on materials such as rock, ceramic and metal. The writings often contained valuable information about how ancient people lived and how they structured their societies.

But in many cases, the objects containing such inscriptions have been damaged over the centuries. This left major parts of the inscriptions missing and difficult to identify and understand.

In addition, many of the inscribed objects were moved from areas where they were first created. This makes it difficult for scientists to discover when and where the writings were made.

The new AI-based method serves as a technological tool to help researchers repair missing inscriptions and estimate the true origins of the records.

The researchers, led by Alphabet’s AI company DeepMind, call their tool Ithaca. In a statement, the researchers said the system is “the first deep neural network that can restore the missing text of damaged inscriptions.” A neural network is a machine learning computer system built to act like the human brain.

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