First Nations celebrate language success stories

Stepping into the Saskatoon Inn during the First Nations Language Keepers Conference is like walking into the Tower of Babel. Each step brings a new language.

Greetings are said in Saulteaux, while stories are shared in Cree and ideas are explored in Dene. There are even a couple of the few remaining Tsuut’ina speakers exchanging pleasantries at a table.

Hundreds of people gathered at the conference to promote indigenous languages in hopes of keeping the words and, by extension, the cultures alive.

Groups in Saskatchewan and across the country shared success stories of how they are maintaining ancient traditions or slowly reviving them.

“If your language is dying, you need to revive it, but the way you live your life every day, that’s the way your people lived their lives,” Tsuut’ina elder Bruce Starlight said.

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