25 Local Languages in Indonesia Almost Extinct, Expert says

A linguist from University of Indonesia (UI) Prof. Dr. Multamia said that at least 25 local languages in Indonesia are now on the verge of extinction.

“Most of the languages are found in Maluku and Papua,” Multamia said in Kupang.

According to her, the languages in question are Aputai, Burumakok, Duriankere, Emplawas, Kaibobo, Kanum, Badi, Kayupulau, Kembra, Kwerisa, Lengilu, Lolak, Melayu Bacan, Mandar, Massep, Mlap, Morori, Namla, Paulohi, Petjo, Ratahan, Salas, Taje, Tobati and Woria.

She also said that 13 other languages had reported to be extinct already because they no longer have their speakers. They are Hoti, Hukumina, Hulung, Loun, Mapia, Moksela, Naka’ela, Nila, Palumata, Saponi, Serua, Ternateno adn Te’un.

Multamia added that the majority of the languages that have been extinct were also found in Maluku and Papua and there are many languages in those two areas but have very few speakers.

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